Hours: 11AM - SOLD OUT  /  Email: joe@ragincajunbbq.com  /  Phone: 720 - 642 - 0725
Shawn C.
I am not much for BBQ...I am now a fan of some BBQ after eating here! Price is right...great atmosphere... FOOD IS AMAZING!

A Little Bit of Home!
I had only been living in Denver a few months when I was driving around downtown Denver. When I get to the light I look over and see ""Ragin Cajun BBQ."" I immediately grabbed my phone and called to ask about the name. Being from Louisiana I knew it had to be a little piece of home. I had been home sick since I moved here. My boyfriend and I go one Saturday afternoon and I must say we were both impressed. BBQ is a religion for me since I grew up outside of Memphis so it's hard to impress me but man was the bbq and the sauce GREAT. I've turned a few people onto it and they have ALL been quite thankful. I must say that this is the BEST BBQ in Denver!!!

Steven J.
Juciest Ribs Ever!!!!!!!
I'm not a BBQ connoisseur, but I love BBQ and WOW! this place has, hands down, the juciest ribs I've ever had. The smoked peach cobbler is different and good God is it good. Thank God I only live a few blocks away from downtown. I will be a loyal customer from here on out! They are awesome people.

Great burgers man
Dude you should try these burgers. They are way different than anything you have ever had. The only downfall is that that they dont have a location yet. Gotta be the best burgers in town.

Sara S.
I have never heard of grits but I tried their shrimp and andouee sausage cheese grits and loved it. The shrimp was not at all super small and it was a little spicy but not to much and had a lot of flavor. I am a total fan and I ask for it everywhere I go but nobody makes it like ragin cajun bbq. I tried to make it at home but I gave up. LOL. I am a super fan of ragin cajun BBQ. Everything on the menu is great. I think I have had everything.LOL

Jessica R.
I had Ragin Cajun BBQ cater for a special event at my job a few times and every time was not only great food but a great experience. The crawfish boil event was the best. It's really something people should experience. They are top notch. Thanks Ragin Cajun BBQ I'll be calling you soon for another event.....